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Papers On Medical Ethics
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Medical Ethics (Case Study Analysis)
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This 5 page paper revolves around a case study where an injured baby is brought to the emergency room with two broken femurs. The physician does not see any reason to pursue the matter even though the mother has no explanation for the injuries. Ethical theories are applied. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: SA845eth.rtf

Medical Ethics - Doing Good
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A 6 page paper that discusses medical ethics in general and beneficence or doing good in particular. The thesis is that health care professionals should be concerned exclusively with doing as much good as possible. Five ethical principles are identified and explained. The fact that one is often at odds with another is also discussed, such as beneficence and nonmaleficence or autonomy and beneficence. The writer concludes that doing as much good as is possible is not an easy principle to live by. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PGmedet.rtf

Medical Ethics and “Do Not Resuscitate” Orders
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This 6 page report discusses the facts surrounding the numerous occasions, when medical therapies at the fine line between life and death are extreme, and the enormous difficulty and responsibility of determining that essential line between living and dying, and the ethical response to “do not resuscitate” orders. Because technology has so significantly improved the human ability to prolong life in the face of severe illness, it has also increased our uncertainty over when such life extension is meaningful. Which then, obviously, brings up the issue of the medical ethics that are part of patient and patient families’ “do not resuscitate” orders. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: BWmedeth.wps

Medical Ethics and The Right to Live
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This 9 page paper evaluates a case study (provided by a student) that involves withholding or providing care for an individual who is critically ill. The family situation complicates things as does the disagreement between two treating physicians. Solutions for the problem are explored including suggestions for changing protocol in the hospital itself. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: SA145med.rtf

Medical Ethics in Managed Care / Is it Possible?
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Over the course of the last 3 decades, medical ethics have shifted from the responsibility of the physician to the responsibility of the managed care organization (MCO) and as a result, the lines between appropriate care and cost feasibility have blurred the view of the ethical treatment of patients. In pursuit of cost management, managed care organizations have implemented policies that some physicians suggest are not only inappropriate, but also unethical. This 45 page research study considers the nature of managed care, the issue of ethical medical treatment and considers the question of whether medical ethics can be applied within the managed care system. Bibliography lists 30 sources.
Filename: Ethman.wps

Medical Ethics: Euthanasia:
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This 5 page paper refers to Ronald Munson's book, "Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Medical Ethics", as a means of understanding the case both for and against euthanasia. Furthermore, this paper uses a Kantanian framework by which to explain the different opinions of proponents on both sides of the matter. Bibliography lists 0 sources.
Filename: GSMedeth.rtf

Medical Ethics: Principles and Guidelines
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A 5 page discussion of medical ethics. The author provides definitions and the five specific steps that can be used to work through ethical dilemmas in the medical environment. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: PPmedEt2.rtf

Medical Ethics: Informed Consent
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A 5 page paper which examines the ethical medical reality of informed consent. The paper argues that informed consent is ethically necessary. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: RAcnsnt.rtf

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This 5 page paper discusses the debate revolving around the abortion of fetus's determined to be mentally retarded. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: MBmedeth.rtf

Medical Ethics; Should Healthcare Professionals be Concerned Exclusively with Doing as Much Good as Possible?
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This 19 page paper considers uses the frameworks of consequentionalism including utilitarianism and of deontology as proposed by Kant to examine the role of healthcare professionals and whether they should confine themselves exclusively to action which are ‘good’. This bibliography cites 13 sources.
Filename: TEmedethc.rtf

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