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School reports ...we all have questions before we order a service or a product here are the answers to the most asked questions pertaining to school reports!!

So whatís the best way for me to
copy the ideas from your paper?

  NO WAY!! You will not copy a single idea from! Whenever you discuss the ideas of an author other than yourself MUST cite that author properly as one of your sources. Certainly you want to avoid plagiarism and any academic reproach. Therefore is absolutely essential that the writer be listed in your own report as one of your bibliographic references. We list the author's name and the date of the paperís creation on the first page of almost any paper we sell. The publisher information is: The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., Hainesport, NJ. Students who are not sure whether our reports will constitute acceptable sources for their own paper ..should ALWAYS consult with their professor ..before making any purchase from this site.


Well ...can I cite the same sources you cite?

  The papers available through ESSAYS-TERMPAPERS2GO are filled with books, articles, and other scholarly sources. Students often ask if they may re-use/re-cite these sources in their own papers. The particular rules of research citation differ from manual to manual ...but in general is important to either cite our paper as THE source of the information ...OR to double-cite any particular article or book having been originally referenced in The Paper Store's work. You also have the valuable option of using the bibliography from the sample paper you order as your starting point for research. Then you can find sources on your own. That would then allow you to cite sources for your own paper  ...just as long as develop your own original concepts from within those sources. Once again ...check your manuals and/or with your instructor in order to assure that you make the best decision possible for your needs.


What if I just don't like the paper ?

  We strongly advise and urge everyone to find out all about the paper before you order it! We give everyone that option to view a free one page EXCERPT of the paper prior to ordering.   Unfortunately is unable to authorize the cancellation of any order after it has been processed ...and therefore maintains and upholds a strict NO RETURN POLICY.   Please keep in mind that school reports and term papers are information ...not touchable, solid "products." Ideas "cannot be returned" to the store for a refund or an exchange. At ...we have made every effort to provide you with full catalog descriptions and to make excerpts from our papers available to you ...for free! Be a "smart shopper" learn everything you can about this information "product" before you order it. That way can be confident that you will like it!! 




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